Is God really out there?

Ever wonder why you were created?  The answer is simple.  You were created to know God. To love Him, praise Him, and serve Him.  It's not good enough to simply believe there's a higher power - a diety - out there somewhere who might or might not have interraction or personal involvement with mankind.  It's not enough to simply know He's there.  ...You have to know Him for who He is.

"Knowing of" God is not the same as "Knowing" God.

A lot of people "know of" God.  They know who He is.  They know who Jesus is.  They may have attended Sunday School when they were a child, and have some sense of spirituality because of religious exposure at some point in their lives. But just because you "know of" God, doesn't mean you "know" Him personally or intimately.

You know about the people you work with - names, faces, and other somewhat impersonal information.  But can you recall the names and birthdates of their children?  What about their parent's anniversary date?  What about their address and phone number?  Do you know their favorite color, favorite food, or type of car they wish they could own?

Probably not. Those are things you can only know about a person after having spent a substantial amount of time with them.  When you get to know a person that intimately, you no longer have just a casual acquaintance with them, but you have developed a relationship.

God desires to have more than just a casual acquaintance with you.  He desires for you to know him personally - to develop that intimate relationship that can only come with time spent together.  The more time you spend with God, the more you will learn about Him, and the more you learn about Him, the more you will want to know.

The first step in knowing God is inviting His presence into your heart and life.  If you have never taken that first step, please do so right now.  God is waiting, with outstretched arms, to engulf you in an embrace of love that you've never experienced and will never want to be without.

To take the first steps in knowing God, click on the links under the "Knowing God" button and let's walk together into the exciting journey of God's plan for your life.
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