"I watched Pastor Chad on TV every Friday night, and I'm telling you, I felt the anointing of God sweep all over me so many times. My bedroom just filled with the peace of God and the Holy Spirit. I have been confined to a bed or a wheelchair. But since I've been watching and praying with Pastor Chad, God has started healing my body. I had 36 major diseases, but after I called in and Pastor Chad prayed for me, God healed me of almost all of them. I know the rest are being healed as well. Thank you for praying for me!"
--  Diane, Kentucky

"We have been so blessed through this ministry.  We always feel like Pastor Chad has our backs in prayer.  We've been through some hard times and have always been able to go to Pastor Chad for godly advice and prayer. He would pray until we got a breakthrough! He is so faithful to the Lord and such a blessing to so many people. He preaches hard and straight and we love it! He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, with fruit to show. When we need prayer, we know where to go because he covers us in prayer. God has even led us to sown into this ministry, and so many times we have been blessed and received answers to prayer because of it. We are thankful for this miracle ministry!
-- Andy & Denise, Texas

"I was a drug-addicted convict who was lost in the world. As I sat in jail, I looked for something to change my life. That's when I reached out to Jesus. Later, I was introduced to Pastor Chad at a drug and alcohol recovery center. The court systems didn't have very much hope for me, and said I wouldn't last two weeks outside of jail. But Pastor Chad did not shy away from the challenge of reaching me. There were times I screamed at him, but he saw my heart and realized I wasn't being rebellious. He saw that I was hurting, and really burning with a desire for Christ. He gave me room to grow. He taught me what it meant to be loved by Jesus, and that I was forgiven. He taught me how to love, forgive and pray. He worked closely with me in my transformation of changing my life, and I will always be so grateful for that. As I stand here today, I am over two years sober, I'm an ordained minister, my family has been restored and my life has been transformed. I give all the glory to God, and also to the people like Pastor Chad who helped me along my path of life."
-- Brad, Kentucky

"Thanks so much for preaching the truth with such boldness! The Lord has used you to bless my household. I pray my lost family will hear a preacher like you and turn to Jesus. God has used you to start a fire. Thank you for being lead by the Holy Ghost. When I read your writings and hear you preach, I can't help but think this must have been what it was like when John the Baptist was sounding the alarm and telling everybody about the One that was coming. My husband and I know that sowing into this ministy is a blessing to our lives. Thank you for being the preacher you are - bold, brave and unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
--  Donna, Texas

"You ARE a gem! I have not met another man of God just like you. Your preaching is sooooo good, and your heart for the lost, for the broken, is sooooo big and so genuine. We need that in the Body of Christ. You see people with the eyes of Christ, and you empathize with them with His heart. And you don't stop there; you keep going to share with them the good news of the hope in Christ, with boldness and recklessness for God. You are a good man, a Kingdom man, and a man of destiny - both your own and in helping to shape that of many, many others.  ... If you have a church, I encourage you to open your doors to this man to come and preach to your congregation. It will be a blessing to you like you have not received in quite some time.
-- Pastor Paul Woods, Kentucky

What I will say about Pastor Chad Carter...  Gifted evangelist.  Heart toward God.  Accomplished speaker.  Loves his family.  Man of integrity.  Regardless of what comes his way, he is a blessed man.
-- Rev. Roger Hoagland, Missionary to Israel
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